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Looking for some documentation for your Emplate integration? You've found the right place. We've gathered information about all our integration products on this site. You can find Getting started guides and Documentation for our API and Mobile SDKs.

Recent Posts

API V4 - Secret key auth for Guests
We've made some important changes to the api. Read more
Posts presented in the inbox
Documentation for how we present posts in the inbox Read more
New API endpoint for unassigned posts
We have added a new endpoint in our API to get all unassigned posts. The new endpoint is added to the documentation as well. Read more
Swagger documentation in redoc
We have moved the presentation of our API to Redoc. This provides a better reading experience, and makes the deployment of updates to the documentation easier. Read more
Android SDK released
Our android SDK has been published to bintray, and will be available at jcenter soon. Installation instructions have been added here. Read more