Getting started with the Emplate iOS SDK

You can easily get going with the Emplate SDK for iOS. The SDK can be installed through CocoaPods.

Install the pod

Simply install the Emplate SDK by adding this line to your Podfile:

pod 'EmplateSDK'

..and then install the pod by:

pod install

Remember to open the Xcode workspace and not the project file

Including the SDK in your app

By adding the following line to your ViewController or AppDelegate, you’ll get access to the whole SDK

#import "EmplateSDK.h"

Read more in the Getting started guide

To start uding SDK, you can check out our Getting started guide on the Github repository.


If you want to see the full documentation of the SDK, you can visit our EmplateSDK Reference.


You can see the latest changes in the changelog on the Github repository.